Auckland Harbour & the Sky Tower

Waking up this morning was weird, for a brief second I forgot where I was but the view was amazing, well that may have been because of the early sunrise.

Sun rise at 5am in Auckland from my room.

Anyway, when I had got up and ready for the day I went for a wander.  I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing but I had to get out and explore a little.
It was bright and sunny with a few clouds but it was 20+ degrees, 🙂 summer time!!!
That means shorts and flip flops – or Jandals as the Kiwi’s call them.

I found the Harbour first.

Rangitoto Island from the Harbour



I then found the I-Site which is the information centre.  It was directly under the sky tower. I must have been in the I-Site for about an hour looking at the different leaflets about what I could do whilst here and how much everything costs.


I decided I was going to go up the Sky Tower, it was interesting too and the views were amazing!  Just look below. It’s the highest building in Auckland at 220 metres (722 feet) tall and from the viewing deck you have 360 degree views around Auckland.
Did you know that Auckland has a mass twice the size of London?  No, I didn’t either.


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