Piha Beach – Black Sands Tour

So, today I went to Piha beach. I had heard of the black sand beaches before I had arrived in New Zealand and it was on my bucket list. Even if only to see if the sand was actually black.

I was looking forward to it the moment I booked the tour by Black Sand Tours through Happy Travels.  It cost me 150 NZD and I will admit it took some convincing to actually go ahead and pay that much.  I kept thinking that I didn’t want to spend so much on just a tour, but I am so glad I did.  It is one I would definitely recommend to everyone I know!

Anyway, back to the beginning of the day; I met Shaun outside the Happy Travels hut on Elliott Street.  I was expecting to see and meet a few more people there, but I was the only one who had booked for the day. This meant I got the tour to myself.  How awesome is that?

On the way down Shaun and I spoke about what the tour was about and we stopped at Titirangi to get some food for lunch and a coffee (well tea for me) and then we were off on the rest of the journey.
It didn’t seem to take that long to get to Piha and Shaun really knew his stuff he taught me some of the local lingo when it came up and was able to point me in the right direction for good food in Auckland.

When we arrived I was amazed! How beautiful is this??

This is Lion Rock which is pretty famous here at Piha.
The other side of Piha – normally you only ever see the lion rock.
Love the colour of the water here.
Loin Rock again, but when the sea went out a little.
Can you see the Drunken Man??

It was a great day out, I got to do some rock climbing, rock pooling, rock falling (I think that was just me though), exploring of local land, even managed to climb to certain areas where even the locals never go 🙂

Falling over a rock!
Full speed to get out along the rocks.
More of the lovely beach.
This was my tour guide Shaun.

Shaun was trying to work out if it would be safe to swim through the cave or not.

Wading through the water. It was lovely and warm.

After Shaun managed to tear me away from the water we went up the cliffs, this is where we stopped for lunch.

On the way to the cliffs we walked past a caved area of water. I wanted to jump in but it looked a little to rough.
This is where we stopped to have lunch. Look at that view!!

We also went to Whatipu (pronounced Fut-i-pu) after lunch and I will link the post as soon as I have updated it on here.

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