Devenport, Auckland

When you get into Auckland chances are you will hear about Devonport.  I didn’t really hear about this place before I arrived, but I am glad I got a chance to visit.  It is a 10 minute ferry ride from the Auckland Harbour or a 45 minute drive across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
The ferry only cost me 12 NZD through Fullers.

Waking up this morning, I noticed my head hurt and when I went to look in the mirror I realised I had burnt my parting whilst in Waiheke the day before.  So, before I head out to Devonport I need to find a hat.

Unfortunately hats are not really that easy to come by at the end of January in Auckland so this is what I did manage to get.

So now that I am ready I go to meet Janelle, a Canadian traveller, unfortunately Janelle had a few problems at the hostel which meant she was a little late meeting me, I didn’t mind I sat in the sun and enjoyed the Harbour views.

When Janelle turned up we headed over to Devonport.

I love this view of Auckland.


The Devonport harbour is really lovely, there were a few boutique stores, gift shops, restaurants and cafes.  I even ended up buying another hat which I absolutely love!  I may even end up with a new obsession.

A little bit of a cowgirl hat, but I love it!

Now that I have spent money I didn’t mean to and distracted you enough, lets get back to Devonport.

Devonport is a little seaside town with beautiful views of Auckland. There is also has quite a bit of history connected to it.  Devon port hosts the earliest purpose built cinema in the southern hemisphere which is still used today.  It is home to the Royal Navy of New Zealand which was named after the Naval base in England.

There is even a yacht club here.

There are also lots of walks & trails to do around Devonport.

Part of the beach in Torpedo Bay.
Some silliness in Torpedo Bay.
Saying hello to all my friends and family back home.
This is a cute little bench, this is mosaic and the back of it has a lot of different little pictures on each tile.


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