Rangitoto – The big achy climb!!

Today seems warmer than it has been, don’t get me wrong, it is January in New Zealand so the weather is pretty awesome.  It’s just a little warmer today than it has been.

Sorry about that tangent.

I met up with Janelle again, a Canadian traveller, and we were waiting at the Harbour for the next available ferry to take us to Rangitoto.
The ferry cost 30 NZD and again this was through Fullers.

My silhouette in the water.
Views of a naval ship docked at the Auckland harbour.

For this hike you have to be prepared before you leave the Central Business District (CBD) of Auckland.  There are no cafes, restaurants or shops on Rangitoto, it is completely pest free so you have to make sure you walking boots, clothing and bag are clean before you are even allowed on the ferry.  You have to take plenty of water and food and ensure it is all wrapped up securely.  You cannot just take a plastic bag, they recommend you taking a bag you can zip close, like a ruck sack.  You have to make sure you take your rubbish back with you.  That one seems obvious right? Nope, I saw someone litter on the Island which is a shame and yes I did ask them to pick up their litter.

When you arrive on the island you can see lots of different signs which tell you about some of the wildlife on the island, how it is kept pest free and about all of the plants.

View of part of the island when we docked.
Another view of the sea.

The walk up the volcano is killer, beautiful and different but killer.  The scenery is beautiful and different too, for example, the mud you see below, is not actually mud.  It is all volcanic rock. I didn’t really see any mud anywhere it was all rock, which I found weird because all of the trees and plants were still able to grow.

Janelle standing on a field of volcanic rock.

I didn’t take too many pictures on the way up or the way down, I was just trying to make it up there alive.

Here is a view near the top. You can see the Sky Tower in there too highlighting where the Auckland CBD is.
Panoramic image from the top of Rangitoto.
This has to be one of my favourite shots from the top.

I got to see the crater too, it was all overgrown with trees and bush which was pretty impressive but the images from that didn’t do it justice.  You will have to walk up the volcano yourself to see that.

There were some lava caves too which of course we did walk through.  It was awesome to walk through areas which used to be full of lava a mere 600 years ago.  It was so utterly black in the caves so if you want to do this part make sure you take a torch.

The entrance of the lava caves.

It looks quite small doesn’t it?
We did have to crawl through some of it, but it was worth it.

Janelle and I sitting at the top of the exit lava cave.

I was so glad I did walk up the volcano but I hurt so much after, I am not sure it is something I would do again.  Not without some convincing so family and friends who are visiting whilst I am here get your thinking caps on to how you may  persuade me to do it again…  I am open to bribes.


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