Whakatane and Sandra and Dougs House

I have arrived at Whakatane (pronounced Fuk-a-tan-ee) and it is lovely here.  I am staying here with a cousin of mine and he partner.

I was a little nervous getting on the bus as I have never met Sandra before. I had spoken to her via Facebook messages and a few text messages once I had arrived in New Zealand.  It is still a daunting thing to head to someones house who you have never met.  I mean what if this is some horrible joke to them.  They don’t meet you at the bus station like planned, then you never hear from them again. Scary right?

Luckily it wasn’t like that at all.  They are lovely people and I felt very welcome in their home. I did think that I wouldn’t recognise them when I got off the bus in Whakatane, however it was fine.  I was able to recognise them and after our hello’s we got in the car and drove the 15 minutes back to their house.  They are in a suburb of Whakatane called the Coastlands and I may be biased but it really is a perfect area to be.

They also have one of the cutest dogs I have met.

This is Wilson.
Mum / Susan – this is a proper dog size – not your beasts 😉

They also have a unit to rent and I got a tour around it. It is amazing and I definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get away to the Coastlands. I was stunned by how much space they were renting out, it is litterally half of their house, there is parking and you can fit six people to sleep in there.  So splitting the cost almost works out to dorm costs, seriously go and check it out. It’s called Sunrise Accommodation.  Click on the name to see where you can book it and also some pictures of the place.  It may seem a little expensive, but trust me it is worth it.

Here is the outside to tempt you to click on the link…go on, do it.


Did I mention, you also get your own garden area and access to a barbecue.

It is basically a flat to yourselves and Sandra and Doug are so friendly and will point out some things you need to do whilst here.  Hopefully I do not steal their thunder but I have written a few things below on what is around here that I experienced.

Whakatane Beach

Is less than a five minute walk from their home at the end of their road and it amazing.  You can see Moutohora (Whale) Island just off the coast as clear as day.  You can also see Moutoki Island and Rurima Island if you follow the beach down.

This is Moutohora (Whale) Island
Another image of Whale Island with the sea crashing.


Whakatane Beach
In the background you can just about see White Island.

I have not been to White Island yet, but I hoe to go there next time I am in Whakatane.


Ohope Beach

I am not going to talk too much about this as I am going to do a separate post because there is loads to say about this amazing beach.
It is about a 20 minute drive from Sandra and Doug’s House.

Whakatane River

There is a lovely walk along the river in Whakatane which takes about an hour there and back for the part we did.  I’m sure it goes a lot longer if you walk the other end of it too. It was lovely in the evening and I recommend doing the walk.

I love the colours in this one!
The sun started to set, but it wasn’t quite low enough for all of the beautiful colours.

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