Mount Maunganui, Tauranga

It’s an early start this morning, Sandra is taking me to Tauranga so I can meet Harry and Rita.  Harry is my Nan’s cousin so I think that makes Sandra my cousin once removed.  I think??

Does anyone know how the cousin thing works?

Anyway, it was lovely to meet them both and we had a cuppa and a catch up.  We got to talk about the family tree and it was really interesting.  I’ve even mentioned a few names which he didn’t have so maybe he will add those too.

We then headed over to Mount Maunganui (Man-ga-nu-ee).

Mount Maunganui.

There is a walk all around the Mount which is what Sandra and I did. It is about 45 minutes to walk around the base of the mountain and it stands 232 meters above sea level.  The views are lovely.

This bronze sculpture by Frank Szirmay represents Tangaroa, Maori god of the sea.

To read more about the Frank Szirmay sculpture click here.

Makatana Island is in the background.

Click here for a map of the area, but over in the distance is Makatana Island. The Island has a population of about 250 people.

Karewa Island.

In the distance is Karewa Island.
Apparently you can see a lot of seals and dolphins around the island.

Another view from the Mountain.

The day we walked around the mountain was very hot, to the point where we had to buy ice-creams when we finished.

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