Otarwairere Bay & Kohi Point scenic track

It is another early start today. 7.30am and I am up and ready so we can head to Otarwairere Bay for a hike with Sandra and Doug. We cannot take the lovely Wilson though as no dogs are allowed on the Kohi Point scenic track.

Again this is totally free as it is a walk, I guess you may be getting the theme of this jounral, maybe I should change it to ‘Enjoy NZ for free’.  What do you think?

Anyway, you access the walk through Ohope (Oh-ho-pee) Beach and you can only complete the walk if it is low tide.  Hence our early start, well that and the fact that it was a little cooler early in the morning.

Ohope Beach.

This walk is a definate must do whilst you are here. It can be a little tiring but it is totally worth it. Keep reading to find out why.

Through the trees.
On the way up looking back. This is not the highest point though.
Still going up, but here is Otarwairere bay.

So I didn’t get too much more for on the way up, but I got loads whilst on the beach.  Also, can you see why you need to go at low tide?  Yep you guessed it.  The tide comes right up so you cannot see much of anything when the tide is in.  I heard a few horror stories of some tourists getting trapped here because they didn’t realise the tide was coming in.

Half of this beach is covered in shells and then the other half is sand. It’s like there is a straight line and the two do not mix. It is bizarre but really pretty.
A tree growing out the side of the mountain.


I thought this tree was pretty cool, it’s growing out of the rock but it was not getting enough water.  The main root had grown down the outside of the rock and found a small hole to search for the water to keep it alive. The root was thicker than my arm.

Lovely Blue waters.
Look how clear the water is.
There were lots of these pretty patters in the sand from the sea.
Brew at the Beach. 🙂
Sandra and I.
The lovely Sandra and Doug.
Fishing boat.
Me sitting at the entrance of a small cave.


When I looked into this cave it looked like it would go on for miles.

View of the beach on the return walk.

This walk is a definite must whilst you are here.  I really cannot recommend this enough.


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