Okere Falls, Bay of Plenty

Okere Falls is a great spot for some rafting, the river this is a part of is Kaituna River which is the name you may recognise if you have ever been to New Zealand.  It’s a very popular place to go for white water rafting in the North Island with the seven foot drop.

It starts out as a little bit of a bush walk to get to but it was lovely being in the shade as it was so hot when I went.

A bit of a bush walk.
The start of the water.

I am always shocked when I look at the below photo, it is like, ‘how can you white water raft down here?’
Just keep scrolling and you will see the 7 foot drops that follow this river.

Calm, before the storm.
Lovely peaceful view.
Okere River is the traditional river of Ngati Pikiao, who have made their home here for many years. In 1984, the Waitangi Tribunal confirmed Ngati Pikiao as the traditional owners of the river.
The river’s other name Kaituna (Kai = food, tuna = eels) reveals much about its significance as a food source. Below the main waterfalls are numerous large eels holes. Further down the river, whitebait were caught in great numbers, koura (freshwater crayfish) were another local delicacy.
Okere Falls is the site of one of New Zealand’s first hydro-electric power stations, and you are still able to see evidence of it’s existence.
Okere Falls is a well-formed bushwalk with scenic lookouts over the Okere River and it’s spectacular falls.
From the main lookout platform by Hinemoa’s steps you can watch rafters over the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world.
The highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world

I did just catch the guys in the boat going down it, it looks like so much fun, maybe I will get the opportunity to do the same before I leave.

These guys looked like they did the trip through Kaitiaki, but there are a few different places to book through.  I would even suggest looking at Groupon or bookme.

This was a turbine which was retrieved from the remains of the remains of the dynamo or power house which formed part of the Okere Falls Power Station on the Kaituna River.  It was one of two Waverley Horizontal turbines originally installed in the dynamo house.  These turbines were water driven and connected to two 50 kilowatt generators, enabling 100 kilowatt output.

Here is where it was pulled from.

There are even caves here, you cannot go too far down into them as they are blocked off due to an earthquake which made it unstable, I am not sure which one did it as there are hundreds every day.

But I captured what I could see, there wasn’t much but I loved the bright green moss on the walls, it was super soft to touch.

I loved the colour of the moss on the walls.
I even managed to get a selfie with the river. I couldn’t get one of me with the falls though.

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