Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is a beautiful lake.  I really cannot describe how lovely the views were.  I don’t even think my photos below do it justice, but I will try.

I am about 90% sure this is Mount Ngauruhoe with the snow on the top.

Lake Taupo.

It was a very hot day when we (my Cousin and I) came here, it was lovely to jump into the lake and have a paddle.  I didn’t bring my togs (swimsuit) so couldn’t just jump in for a swim.  I guess that will teach me to always take it when there is nice weather.

It was very cold though so I assume it’s best I didn’t bring them.

The birds didn’t seem to mind the cold though.

Lake Taupo

I had a love / hate view of this lake.

I mean the views were amazing and the water so clear you could see down to the bottom, but the sand flies!!!! Anyone who goes to New Zealand will understand, the sand flies are the worst part about this country.  But you put up with it because, wow, just look at the place.

As you can see, it started to cloud over toward the end of the day.

We managed to just make it to the car and get in before the heavens opened ha.

Rain clouds rolling in.

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