Rotorua Skyline Gondala and zip line

On my last night in Rotorua, I went to the skyline which was great fun.
I went up in the Gondala which was $30 and the views of Rotorua were amazing. You get to see the lake and the town.

Skyline is a small adventure playground where you can zip line, do the gondola ride and many more things.  It is definitely a must if you are here because I really had so much fun.  Even did something which was a complete shock, I didn’t think I would do it – keep reading!

Just enjoy the views below;

View of Lake Rotorua from the top of Skyline.
The rain clouds were leaving us which was great.

Me doing the tourist thing.

They call this the Vegas of Rotorua, hence the sign.  but it really was so much fun!

I even got to do a zip line and it was so exhilarating. I went about 85kmph down it all.  I really want to do it again!!

I did get a video so if you want to check it out, click here.

There is even a jump which you can do at the end.  It is 18 metres high and you go off backwards.  I guess that makes it more of a fall.

Yep – that is it, below.

The 18 metre jump / fall.
Yes I did it!!

I was so glad I did it, petrified before I fell but the Adrenaline rush you get afterwards it amazing!

I was super happy!

Me after the jump.


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