East End & Fitzroy Beaches, New Plymouth

I have arrived in New Plymouth and feeling a little too new so I make myself known to the other two girls who are staying here and let them know that I will be working with them.  Seems obnoxious, right?  Well sometimes it is the only way to get someone to talk to you ha.

Schoko (Japanese backpacker who is working for accommodation at Sunflower lodge YHA)  said she was heading to the beach and asked if I wanted to come along, I said sure so we headed to the sea.

To get there we walked part of the Te Henui walk way.  Here is a map of the walk and we went from the end of Timandra St. We pretty much just stayed at the beach which was lovely.  Schoko went in for a swim but I just wandered and paddled.  I also when rock pooling which was great.

Here is a little picture from the Te Henui Walkway along the river, just before you get to the beach coastal walk.

Look how lovely the black sand is.
If you want to understand a little about black sand, click here.

There was a kite surfer who was playing in the sea for ages. At one point I watched him do a jump and hook his feet on the bar he would normally hold onto when he was in the air.
Then the kite came down and he went into the water head first and I thought he had hurt himself but he got back up with another jump.  It looked so scary!

Yes, I would like to try it – ha!

Eastend beach, New Plymouth
It’s a lovely beach.
I think it is a whale / large fish bone – at least I hope.

When I was wandering around I found a bone, I sure has help hope it wasn’t a human one.

There were some sea snails too.

 Oh and a crab.  He was so quick I almost missed him before he buried himself in the sand.

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