Huatoki Walk, New Plymouth

I didn’t have to work today so I figured I would go for a walk.  I told Aliciane (backpacker from France who is also working for accommodation here) and she asked if she could join me.  It was nice to go for a walk with company.

Anyway I decided I was going on the Huatoki Domain walkway. It’s about a 50 minute walk away from the hostel, which is actually one of the closer ones to me.

Anyway, when we got there it was roughly 11 am and we wandered around the bush trail they had marked out.  There were lots of lovely views around the place.

 Some of the areas looked really tropical.

A little stream.

There were lots of little streams.

This park was huge, It seemed to go on for miles!

Here is a picture of the dam which is in the middle of the domain.

 We did not do the whole walk though as it starts in the town and we were already half way up the roads so here is the map for the full walk if you are interested.

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