Coastal Walkway, New Plymouth

So this post covers a couple of different days a couple of weeks apart. That is because the coastal walk is 12.7 KM long and a little too long to walk in one day.  Not too long to cycle though and a lot of people do hire a bike. Obviously I am trying to save my money so I am walking everywhere.

I did a tiny bit of this walk on my second night here in New Plymouth.  I had completed a shift at the Sunflower Lodge YHA Hostel and sat down to read for most of the afternoon.  I know that is being lazy but it had been a while since I actually had a chance to sit in quiet and read.  Schoko, one of the girls also working in the hostel said she was heading out to the beach and asked if I wanted to tag along.  Of course I said yes, it is a beach after all.

To get to the beach we walked part of the Te Henui walkway, click here if you would like to see a map of the full walk. We went from the end of the drive at Timandra Street and took about 30-35 minutes to get to the beach. The weather was lovely.  Schoko went for a swim but I only paddled.  I did regret not taking my togs when I got down to the beach. Live and learn, right?

I did get to go rock pooling though, check out the photo’s below.

This is from the Te Henui walkway along the river before you get to the coast.

Where the river meets the sea.
This beach is lovely.

To read more about the beach on my first day here, click here.

The next bit I walked was below (from point 11 to point 19), it was after a shift at the hostel and then I went out.  It was very hot but a great walk.  The map comes from this website which I recommend checking out if you are coming here.

Part of the walk from above.

The pathway is all concrete or wooden so you can get away with sandals or comfy pumps. I wore my flip flops.

The Wind Wand by Len Lye.

The Wind Wand and is is 48 metres tall.  It was designed by Len Lye who was born in 1901 and died in 1980.

You can see the scale if you can see there is a man who is stood near the bottom of it.

This is called the Honeyfield Fountain which was donated by the Honeyfield family in 1907 to provide drinking water for the railway station which used to be near by.

The way back.

Look how far this goes on, I walked all along here.

So, it is a few day’s later and after the rain we have had I am eager to get back out.  I started at the Hostel and headed down the main road to get to the point I started and finished before.  But this time I turned right.

I love the look of the sun on the sea.

This way was lovely when I could see the sea, but a lot of it is on a path a little away from the sea.

You do however, get to see the Taranaki.  I am pretty sure you can see this mountain from most places around New Plymouth, but it is just as beautiful from afar.

But when you meet back up with the sea there is some amazing views. There is also some great views of the Lake Rotomanu.

You also see the bridge which is pretty famous here in New Plymouth.

It is quite cool, having the skeleton of the wave.

There is also another little bridge before you get to the famous one which provides some great views of the river flowing into the sea.

On the way back, I walked along the beach whilst paddling, it was lovely.

I even got to play with a couple of dogs and speak to a lovely local woman who has lived in New Plymouth her whole life. She has not been to the UK, but she has done some travelling in Europe so we talked about that for a while.

As I said at the beginning, this is a 12.5 KM walk, and although I would be comfortable doing that in one day, I didn’t because I had to walk 3 KM down to the starting point and back again.  So this walk was 24.5 KM for me.

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