Pukekura Park, New Plymouth

This is another favourite place of mine here in New Zealand. Here in New Plymouth specifically but a good place to come.

I keep going back to this park.  I love it here and if you look below you will see why.  I definitely recommend it for anyone who comes here to New Plymouth.
It is over the road from the Sunflower Lodge where I am currently working and am living.  That is one of the many reasons I love it here.

Here is the map of the park.You can also see where the lodge is to where I am going most days for a wander.

As I mentioned, I am pretty much here most days for a wander, even when I walk to the town I walk back through the park as it is really pretty. Just have a look for yourself.
The lake in the park.

The sun shining down on the ferns.
Pukekura Falls.

These falls are man-made and make a lot of noise but was hypnotic.

Also within the park you have the TSB Bowl of Brookland.

It is very pretty and is often used for events, there was a film festival in February before I got here and whilst I was in New Plymouth there was WOMAD which stands for World Of Music, Arts and Dance.  It’s a massive event and got a huge amount of people to the area. The people who stayed at the lodge had been coming to this place for years and I even took bookings for the following year already.

TSB Brookland bowl.

It really is a perfect setting for festivals.

There are also lots of sculptures on the rivers, along with fountains with some of them too.

I think this one was meant to be of swans, I don’t really get it though.

There are so many flowers around too, these are taken at the end of summer so some are on their way out, but there are loads which are still in bloom.

The main entrance to the park.

This is actually the main entrance into the park from the town centre. Yes, I am aware this should probably be at the start of the post, but as I said I went on so many different days and you can see that the weather doesn’t look as good in this one.

There are lots of these bridges going across the rivers which really do stand out in their red colour.

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