Te Huneui Walkway, New Plymouth

I love this walkway.  I mean seriously it is beautiful and also right outside my door at Sunflower lodge.  It is at the end of the drive and either turn left to get away from the coast or right to walk towards it.

I have done the walk to the coast many different times and on a few different days.

There was only one day that I hated the walk and that was not long after it stopped raining. I had fallen over in the wet mud and landed on my bottom which hurt quite a bit, but I got up and carried on.

That day it also changed from gorgeous sunshine when I left the hostel to rain by the time I reached the beach and I ended up getting soaked.  Yes it also stopped by the time I made it back to the hostel. Sod’s law.

It may seem a little morbid at first, but youwalk through a cemetery.
It is a beautiful one though and they really do take care to maintain it all.

It goes on for miles!

You cannot really see it, but the tiles on this one were lovely and actually really bright when the sun hit it.  I did try and wait around for the sun to come back out, but as you can see there are loads of clouds and I guess the sun didn’t want to play this day.

I think this is the oldest grave I saw whilst here.  I am sure there are more, but I didn’t find them. Not yet anyway.

I never thought I would see a bridge at a graveyard?? But here you have it!

After the cemetery you walk through a bit of bush to get to the river which is lovely.

Artsy Shot.

Here is the bush area, not too much bush as it has been gravelled because of the many people who walk it.

More artsy shots.

You then get to a lovely river.

It’s quite a peaceful river unless it has been raining heavily.

Then it becomes a little rougher, but still lovely to sit and watch.

I am a bit in love with water; falls, lakes, rivers, sea.

Small stream which then joins the big river.

One of my favourite views of the walk.

I think this might be my favourite part of this walk. You cannot see the river until you are right at the bend in the road and it just looks luscious and green.

When I got to the sea on this day there were lots of kite surfers out.  It was great to watch, some of the jumps the guys do are really scary!

Als you can see that it is quite dark on the pictures, that is because this is where it rained on me 😦

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