Auckland for a week with Tom

I’m heading back to Auckland, yes not something I really want to do, however I will be meeting with Tom tomorrow.  I am super excited to see him, it has been 102 days since I last saw him, 103 tomorrow, do you count tomorrow??

The bus ride wasn’t too bad, the scenery has been lovely, I just wish I could have stopped at a few places to take a photo or admire the view. It took about six and a half hours to get to Auckland central and I arrived just after 2pm. When I got there I had to make my way over to the City Lodge Accommodation as that is where I had booked a room for a week for the both of us. I definitely recommend this place as it is clean and the staff are friendly.

Well it is early morning and I am up already, I am so excited to see him. Just a couple more hours and he will be here.  It’s 8am so he will still be in the air until 10.45 ish.

What to do to keep myself entertained??  Well I went for a wonder down to the Harbour and looked at the ocean as the weather was nice.  I also looked in a couple of shops to waste some time too.  It was a lovely day so I didn’t rush.

When Tom messaged that he had landed, I was so happy.  I immediately went to wait for him at the bus stop, but when I got there I realised he had about an hour or more until he got to the stop I was waiting at.
I was waiting there for a long time (about two hours) and got really worried that this was part of some horrid prank he was playing on me.  I really didn’t like it, but I eventually got a message from him to tell me he got off the bus. Confused; I looked around me and couldn’t see him and I kept ringing him to see if he could tell me where he got off.  It turns out he got off a few stops early and was outside the Town Hall, I think that was two stops early.  I told him to walk down the hill and I would walk up to meet him but he went the wrong way.

We did eventually meet up.
I took him back to the room so he could dump his stuff and then we headed to the Harbour.

The first view of the Harbour for Tom.

We stopped at a bar called Degrees, so he could get a pint and some food. It was great sitting out in the sun and enjoying random conversations again.

The Sky Tower at dusk.

Tom went to the IEP Office to get orientated as part of his Bunac package. It is a great office, where we will have support for the whole of our trip through New Zealand.  We can call them, use their office or email them with any queries we may have.

As he was the only one who needed orientation in the office he got the really quick and easy version. I wish I got that one as I was there all day getting orientated and they also tried to sell me some things such as the Stray package.

Whilst in the office we contacted a few people about possibly buying their car.  We saw one which was called Gwendolyn which we arranged to see later – watch this space.

We also went to Danny Doolan’s for lunch, I really like it there.  Yes we travelled all around the world and still end up in an Irish pub eating bangers and mash and a burger.  I had the bangers and mash and he had the burger. Ha.

Us at Danny Doolan’s Bar.

Tom took me out for breakfast this morning at Esquires which is a cafe down the road from our hostel.  We both got bacon and eggs with toast and a cuppa tea.  How very English of us.

Breakfast at Esquires.

After that, we headed to Auckland Zoo below are some images from the zoo.

Today is the day that Tom decides he wants to kill me and they way he wants to do that is to make me jump off the Sky Tower. Yep, you read that correctly, I am going to jump off the Sky Tower.  A 192 meter fall with a speed of 85 kms per hour.

I was scared, nope I was petrified and all he did was laugh at my comments.  Yes some of the comments may have been irrational as all logic seemed to disappear. The whole time I was getting ready I kept saying “I’m going home” even when I put the harness on.

Me at the top of the Tower, before I walk out on the platform.
Me on the platform before the jump.

I was really scared, can you tell by my face??
I do not know how I managed to make myself walk into the lift to get up there.  In the end, I couldn’t jump off so I went off backwards and they pushed me.  Yes, you read that correctly too, I was pushed off the tower.

I also screamed the whole way down and was told I had a pair of lungs on me!!

Tom at the top of the Tower, before I walk out on the platform.
Tom on the platform.

Tom looks a lot happier about the whole silly idea of jumping off a building.  I was so glad I did it though, I would have kicked myself if I didn’t do it.

Afterwards we went back up the tower to have a look at the viewing deck and then to the cafe for tea and cake.

I did make Tom take me out for beer and pizza later in the evening though.

Sky Tower at night.

This morning was a lot more chilled than yesterday, no more jumping off buildings.

We planned the rest of our journey from Wellington (as we had that planned before Tom arrived) through to Dunedin.  I’m looking forward to the trip.  I’m not going to tell you yet, you’ll just have to keep reading.

We also went and picked up our Gwendolyn car.
Yep, we agreed a price and went to pick her up in the afternoon and we drove around a little so Tom could get used to it.

The lovely Gwendolyn.

We asked where she got her name from and apparently she came with it from the previous owners so we have decided to keep it.

There is lots of room as I am really looking forward to travelling around this lovely country in her with Tom.

It’s another chilled morning, a lazy walk over to Le-Chef which is a little cafe on Vulcan Lane in Auckland CBD.

When we finished breakfast we went back to the Hostel to pick up Gwendolyn and go for a drive down to Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium. It is a small aquarium but really well laid out.

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