Surf Highway 45, Taranaki

Tom and I went for a drive today. I had heard from quite a few people (whilst I was working at the Sunflower Lodge YHA) the Surf Highway 45 was a great drive and a must do whilst here in Taranaki.

I did enjoy it, however it wasn’t as great as I thought it would have been. You don’t actually get to see the beach too much, there are a few points where you can drive on different roads to see the sea, but not really as you go along.

The plan started off by heading into New Plymouth centre to pick up some sandwich stuff for lunch and then go on our way.   However, we ended up stopping at Andre’s Pies and Patisserie for a pie as well for elevenses, is that still a thing?

Anyway, we headed out of New Plymouth on Highway three.
We were meant to stop at Inglewood as Tom wanted a picture of the sign for his mate, however we drove straight past so we will have to stop there on our way down to Wellington.
We also missed Norfolk which is also on the same road.  I hope we don’t miss that on the way down.

There were some lovely views of Mount Taranaki though.

Mount Taranaki with the cloud clearing.

Our first stop was at Eltham as we had read there was a really good Cheese Shop there, however we couldn’t find it so had to keep going.

We then stopped off at Pihama which was a random turn off the road as we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t see the sea. We got some lovely views though.

View of Pihama Beach.
Pihama Sea.
Tom seeing if he could get down to the beach.
I even got to do the posing thing 🙂
Small Waterfall at Pihama.
Even Gwendolyn got a picture with the Mountain.

We continued on the drive and stopped off at Opunake near the lake and found a freedom camping spot.  They are not always easily spotted, but it is definitely a place I would recommend stopping. Tom and I have said that we will be stopping there on the way back through.

There is a strange thing though, I didn’t actually take a picture of the lake, I don’t know why but trust that it is lovely.

We did walk to the beach though so there is an image of that.

Opunake Beach.

At the top of the Opunake view point for this beach there is a mosaic sofa. It was made by Robyn Chard and Deborah Campbell and took them a couple of weeks.

The back of the bench.
Tom chilling on the bench.

After relaxing a little we carried on with our journey and the next stop was at the end of Pungarehu Road near the Cape Egmont Lighthouse.

We did mean to get right next to the lighthouse, however you may also know that sometimes you accidentally take the wrong road (like the next one over because the map reader wasn’t paying attention – sorry Tom).
We still got a photo of it, just a little further away than planned.

Cape Egmont Lighthouse.

It worked out well though as we managed to pull over and enjoy a great view with our lunch.

The beach at the end of Pangarehu Road.

We pulled over and put the table up in Gwendolyn and enjoyed our picnic.

Tom enjoying the food 🙂

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