Wellington via Shannon


So, we left New Plymouth and headed down to Wellington.  However on the map I saw a town called Shannon so we really did have to stop there. It was pretty murky for the whole journey down, but I didn’t mind too much as we were in the car.

Shannon is a very small town but they had a post office, a library, railway, a school and a few other shops which very cleverly used the name Shannon.

The Shannon Post Office.
The Shannon Library.
One of the shops with the clever name,
The Shannon Railway Station.

The Shannon Railway was built in 1893 by the Wellington Manawatu Railway Company to a Government Railways design. In fact, this station is the last surviving Manawatu Railway Company Building.

Shannon used to be a busy railway passenger and freight centre for the district until the 1970’s.  There is only a limited passenger service which runs through her now.

Shannon was named after Mayor G.V. Shannon, a director of the Wellington Manawatu Railway Company, and began as a camp for railway construction workers in 1885. Materials for the work were bought up the Manawatu River, unloaded at Buckleys Clearing and transported on a spur line to the end of Buckley Road.
The settlement grew rapidly on land sold at auction by the Railway Co., and in 1889 the Shannon school was opened.

We arrived in Wellington after 4pm which was good as that meant we got free parking for the afternoon / evening. We checked into the YHA there which I really recommend as YHA’s are usually very clean and mostly tidy.  If it is not, it is usually because of the other guests not cleaning up after themselves.

We didn’t do much that evening as we were pretty tired from the long journey and decided to chill out and watch a movie on the laptop.

Wellington Harbour.


The next morning, I woke up feeling pretty ill.  I did however arrange to get my hair done at Michael Kane’s Hairdressers.  It was going to be a free cut because they advertised ‘Models Wanted’ on backpackerboard.   If you are travelling I definitely recommend things like this, it means you can get your hair cut or even coloured whilst you are travelling around and it is either free or very little of the original cost you could have to pay.  I did end up paying 50 NZD which was only £25 because I had my hair coloured. I even got an undercut – what do you think?

My new colour and cut.

We also had a bit of a wander through the main town area and did a little of the Te Papa Museum but I was quite shattered to we really didn’t do much – we didn’t even finish the museum so we will have to get back to that.

View of Wellington from the Te Papa Museum.


The following day we managed to go up in the cable car for a wander.  It was 28 NZD each which wasn’t too bad the views we pretty good, plus there are some botanical gardens up there.

View of Wellington from the cable cars.

They also had a different type of sundial at the top, you had to stand on the month you were in on the infinity part with your back to the sun and the shadow would tell you the time, we tried it and it was right.
We did have to wait a little bit for the sun to pop out.



Today we headed out to Red Rock, it was a bit of a drive out but totally worth it and one thing I would recommend today anyone – plus it is free – not including the fuel.

Tom and I out at Red Rock.
Can you Tell why it is called Red Rock?
Star fish in some of the rock pools.
Here is the seal which Tom nearly sat on – look how close we are – this is obviously after we had backed off a little.
Here is one which was snoozing on the rocks when we were walking back. We must have missed it on the way to the red rocks.

After Red Rock, we headed over to the Victoria Lookout Point for the amazing views of Wellington.


This morning was pretty murky to start with, it looked like it was going to rain but it ended up brightening up but stayed quite cold.

Tom wanted to go and see the War Memorial this morning so we headed over there.

War Memorial provided by Turkey.

Later in the day we headed over to the Parliament Buildings and the Bee-Hive building.  I personally wasn’t too impressed with the beehive building but the Parliament Buildings look fantastic.  The Architecture that went into them – AMAZING!

Bee-hive building and Parliament building.

Tom also did a jump today, we think it was roughly 15 feet from the top into the sea at the Taranaki Wharf. I wasn’t going to do it – I’m not that mad!! Ha.

We even finished the last floor of the Te Papa Museum – this one was a lot more interesting to me.  It was more about the world and the animals of New Zealand and some of the rest of the world.
The tectonic plates and the Gondwandaland were really interesting – I suppose because it is not something we really learnt much about in school – did you learn about it?

We even did the Gallipoli section for the war. It was very interesting. Parts of it made me wonder how I would have survived back then.  I’m too much of a neat / clean freak, not that I have OCD or anything (well probably a little) but I do like to feel clean and have a tidy room to live in – come to think of it, I am surprised I can even to the travelling thing sometimes.


We read about a place called Castle Point yesterday so we decided that is where we were going today.  It was a little cold, even had to wear proper coats today!! Yeah I know, the first time since I have been here.

Tom made a new friend.
Castle Point.

This rock is known as Te Tokatumoana (the rock before the sea). Traditionally this whole area is known as Rangiwhakaoma (the skies that race), this is in reference to how fast the clouds move when it is windy.

The walk up.
Castle Point on Castle Rock.
The view out to Deliverance Cove from Castle Point.
The sea.
Deliverance Cove.

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