Wellington to Whites Bay via Picton

Yuk – it is soaking wet this morning and I am not looking forward to the 10 minute walk to the van as she is parked on Oriental Place and we are on Wakefield Street. Also we had to carry our stuff, not all of it as we were a little clever and put some of it in the car the night before.  But still enough that it was quite heavy to carry.  The joys of travelling.

Anyway, when we got to the port waiting to be loaded on the ferry to get over to Picton, we were watching the sea and it looked a little rough.  OK, it looked scary.

Rough seas.

I actually enjoyed the ride over, it made it quite entertaining, watching some people go a little green in the face, other sitting there trying to act brave when they were clearly not enjoying it.
When we reached the Marlborough Sounds it had calmed down and made the journey a little boring to be honest.

The start of the Marlborough Sounds.

We even managed to get out on the desk to watch the sounds go by.

Tom enjoying the view.
Me enjoying the views.

When we arrived in Picton, the sun was shining which was a bit of a relief. We were due to camp somewhere in the North of the South Island and I was starting to be a little worried.  We didn’t stop in Picton, but we hope to before we head back to the North Island later in our travels.

Tom had found a camp site for us called Whites Bay, which is where we were headed.  The road there was very windy and even had a few rocks which had fallen from the tops of the hills but we made it.  Also the views of the vines – wine country – were great.  It looked like they vineyards had a good season so there should be some great wine being made soon.

Look at all of those grapes – the yellow rows.

When we got to Whites Bay, we were pretty impressed, look at our view.

The view from our campsite.

The bay was named after a man called Black Jack White, who in 1828 deserted his whaling ship and took up residence with the local Maori.

There are a few little walks around the area too and we did a couple but there were a some points which were cut off due to the amount of rainfall they had before we arrived.

Small waterfalls.
Rushing rivers.
Whites Bay.

This was also our first night camping in Gwendolyn, even cooking was a new experience for the both of us.

Cooking pasta to go with our bologna we made the night before.

It was quite comfortable sleeping the the van, however because it is autumn we had to cook quite early as it was pitch black due to the lack of lights.  I didn’t mind though, the stars were amazing.

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