Drive from Murchison to Christchurch – through Lewis Pass

This morning was a little on the wet side, it wasn’t a great way to wake up in the van knowing you will get soaked before you have even started your four to five hour journey – not good.  It did improve so bear with me and keep reading.

After we packed the bed away in Gwendolyn – our second night sleeping in her – we had some breakfast and set off on our journey.  To be honest I am not sure I was expecting too much, more roads maybe a few mountains and streams but nothing spectacular.  Boy was I wrong.

Below is the view as you drive from the Murchison camper van park along highway six. You can see there are a few hills that have a little bit of frost on them.

Just after we had left Murchison Camper-Van site.

The views were prettier as we went along. It looks as though Autumn is just hitting some of the South Island.

Autumnal colours.

Blue skies after about an hours drive.

I am not sure what the above mountain is, but you can see that it is covered in snow and this is where I think I have made the right decision to stay in New Zealand.
Yes – there was a point, maybe a few, where I wanted to come home. I had viewed some of the North Island and have a few bad days, trouble finding work etc. and wanted to come home. At this point I am glad I stayed (OK – so when Tom joined me, I was glad but even more so than at that point).

Below is the start of Lewis Pass which is higher than Haast Pass but slighly lower than Arthur’s Pass here in the South.  It is also the most Northern of the three and sits at 864 metres high.

Lewis Pass

This specific point is 810 meters above sea level and is 98 km from the Tasman Sea and 105 km from the Pacific Ocean.

The Lewis Pass is named after Henry Lewis, an 1860’s European surveyor. The Pass connects historic routes from the West Coast to the North of the South Island. Long ago the Pass was a trading route for the Moari and later became a main highway.

Tom and I posing with the beautiful view of Lewis Pass.
This is the view of the other mountains which are not as big as the Lewis Pass ones.

Even thought the above mountains don’t have snow on, I still think they are beautiful.  Also the road just seems to head towards them and sometimes you never actually reach them.

The Waiau River
Waiau River
Tom and I with the Waiau River behind us.


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