Christchurch Botanical Gardens

After the wander around Christchurch and the museum we headed to the Botanical Gardens for a wander.
I was really looking forward to this part, it is autumn here at the moment and the trees are all very colourful and pretty.  There are reds, oranges, yellows and still lots of green too.

The gardens are very well maintained and as the saying states, pictures are worth a thousand words, just check out the below.

The pond at the entrance for the gardens.
The Archery Lawn.

The Archery Lawn offers plenty of space for trees to grow. Trees from the Northern Hemisphere grow exceptionally well in Christchurch’s mild climate and fertile river soils, creating the atmosphere of a long established European park.
It was named the Archery Lawn because people used the area for archery and croquet in the 19th century.

Enkainthus Perulatus
All the different colours.
Orange at the top and yellow towards the bottom.

The Cunningham House through the rose garden.


Well the Rose Garden wasn’t as impressive as it probably is in the summer months.  You can still see where the roses are and there are still a few in bloom and others with buds on them.

The Cunningham House is home to a sub-tropical rain forest which has been recreated. C A C Cunningham was a great lover of Christchurch and its gardens.  This conservatory was built in 1924 thanks to his generous donations.

Rose arches.

There is a section within the Cunningham House for cacti.
The cactus is the queen of the desert because they are able to survive in extreme heat during the day and colds during the night. They have little to no water and no shelter, yet they thrive.
This is because they are succulents and retain water in arid places.
Not all succulents are cacti, only the cacti have areoles and spines.

Norfolk – I kind of had to take a picture of this.
Tom walking along with the yellow.

I love the symmetry here in the lake.

This tree was massive – I tried hugging it and I was so tiny!

A picture of Tom and I walking around the park.

What do you guys think of botanical gardens?

Do you know of any you can recommend visiting?

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