Lake Tekapo

Waking up this morning, we were really unsure of what to do so we decided we wanted to leave the Wigram Base in Christchurch and head over to Lake Tekapo.

The drive was lovely (most of the way, read on to see what happened). The sun was shining and it was warm which was good.

On the way to Tekapo

So you can see above the sun shining and the autumnal colours in some of the trees.  I do love Autumn, even more so when technically we are in Winter ha.

But the nice weather didn’t last all day, when we were near Mount Dobson we noticed the clouds decided to descend on us.
It was bazaar watching the sun being blocked out by the clouds that were wrapping themselves around the van. The cold was almost unbearable and we had to turn on the heating in the van it was that cold.

You couldn’t even see far enough in front of the van to make sure you were on the right side of the road. Not going to lie, it was a little scary.

The cloud descends

When we got near to Lake Tekapo the clouds lifted so we got to see the lovely lake.

The Clouds lifted, sorry about the dirty windscreen.
Lake Tekapo

It’s beautiful, the sun shining and the blue lake looks so inviting.  I bet it would have been freezing cold though.

Autumnal colours

The clouds started coming back within an hour of even being there though so we tried to wander a little before we couldn’t see any more than our hands in front of our faces.

Lake across the river.
The Blue lake and the clouds rolling in

The clouds are rolling in thick and fast so we headed back to our room at the YHA and chilled out in the warmth.

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