Mount John, Benmore Dam and Danseys Pass

We woke up to the sun streaming through the window, it was cold but the sun was shining and my hopes were high for more fun travelling.
We wanted to stay at Lake Tekapo YHA for another night, but we were unable to stay – guess this is where it reminds you that you should book.

So we got up and headed out to Mount John, which is just around the edge of the lake and gives you some amazing views of the town and some great views of the snow topped mountains.

Views from the drive up Mount John
View of the town (Tekapo).

Mount John is often known for its stargazing opportunities because of how clear the sky is throughout the year. The views from the day are spectacular but I imaging the views at night are just as breathtaking, unfortunately I didn’t get to see the stars because of the clouds.

There are even six telescopes at the top, and they all belong to different places, one is for the University of Canterbury, one is from Japan, another from the USA and another from Germany.

Beautiful views

There is even cafe at the top called the Astro Cafe.
We stopped for a cup of tea and a cake and were joined by a couple of cuties.

Brew with a view and a friend.

I couldn’t get the idea of a model town out of my head.  What do you think?

Brew with a view.

I even caught this cutie flying off from stealing a left over crumb from my plate.


He bought along a couple of friends.

It’s sweet that he is looking out for her.

After a while we headed back down from the top as the wind was a little biting. Whilst on the road, we drove past the Benmore Dam, we were the only ones there too.  I don’t think many people even know it is there but it was pretty impressive to see.

Benmore Dam
View from the top

After the dam, we headed over to Danseys Pass and stayed in the holiday park. Again, we were the only ones there and it was so peaceful.  The area was beautiful and we got to explore the river and walked through it in our wellies. It was great fun.

Our little hut & Gwendolyn.
River exploring.