New Zealand

So, you’re interested in New Zealand?
I mean, who isn’t. It is a lovely country and there are so many things to see and do there.

A lot of what I have done in New Zealand was free so if you want some ideas for where to go and what to do have a look through.  Or if you want me to point you to a few ideas please do contact me and let me know where you are planning on going.

If I have had to pay for something I will let you know by commenting near the top of each post. I’ll also let you know how much I paid, but I recommend signing up to and These two sites will help with getting cheaper prices for food and activities. There is also Groupon which is good but the other two sites were better in my opinion. I would also book any bus fairs far enough in advance.  If you can you often get them for 1 NZD, I wish someone had told me that before I got here!!  There is the Intercity bus, the Naked bus and also the Mana bus. I used the Intercity bus for most of my transport and I recommend their flexi pass.  It was great because you pay for the hours of your journey and not per bus ride.


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